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Surely, as a normal person, you have often referred to the applications on your mobile device when taking a taxi, plane or train ticket, ordering food and many other things. Have you ever wondered if your business needs a mobile app design or not? Certainly, in a world where most human needs can be met with these types of programs, is it possible that your business does not have an application yet?

If you want to know more about this topic, stay with us.

Advantages of mobile application design

Every design application must have certain advantages according to the needs of the user and its audience, the most important of which will be mentioned below.

Send notification to users: You can activate this option to inform the audience of your application. In this way, you can inform your customers about news, discounts and new product information in a moment. Unlike many things like SMS, this service is available for free.

Providing offline services: In this section, you have the possibility to offer many of your services offline to the audience. including viewing articles, educational videos, clips, etc.

Easy communication of users: Many audiences don’t like visiting sites because of the time-consuming process of opening a browser and entering a web address. But the advantage of mobile application design is that you can access the desired part with just one click.

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Reducing advertising costs: One of the possibilities of creating an application is that, unlike things like SMS, email marketing, etc., which incur costs, it can reach new audiences without paying for new markets such as mobile application stories.

Availability: The audience usually chooses applications because of their availability. Convenient ordering, available support and entry in the shortest possible time are the advantages of the mobile application.

  • Professional application design features
  • Having dedicated and appropriate graphics
  • The possibility of customizing according to the user’s wishes
  • Up-to-date and professional design
  • Upgradable and editable
  • Reasonable cost
  • Having an acceptable speed
  • Having high security
  • Offered in two versions, Android and iOS
  • Making a mobile application

Based on the research conducted in recent years, they have come to the conclusion that the ratio of mobile phone use compared to laptops and desktops is increasing rapidly.

This has also increased the speed of making and using applications. In other words, applications are taking the place of websites. According to the same statistics, about 90 percent of Internet users tend to solve their needs through applications.

If you are a successful business but have not yet designed an application for it, we suggest you do so as soon as possible. Otherwise, when your competitors enter this stage, you will definitely lose many of your customers.

The steps of building and designing a mobile application

In the following, we will describe the various stages of building an application in general:

The first step – drawing the application plan: after the employer registers an order on our site, the desired application plan is designed. It is necessary to first check the needs of the employer and his audience and analyze the activities of the competitors to be used in the design of the plan.

The second stage – Graphic and database design: Once the plan is comprehensive and complete, the graphics and database of the application should be designed using modern methods. After that, the prepared item will be sent to you for approval or editing.

The third step – programming and applying the output: when the work is approved or modified by you, the group will start programming the application. After that, it will be outputted in the operating system of your choice and will be available to you again for testing.

Fourth stage – final test and delivery: the employer can check the received item and then confirm or request editing. After solving the problems, the client requests that the project be ready to be used in different stories such as Google Play, Bazaar, etc.

Step 5 – Marketing and helping to attract customers: After uploading the application in different stories, it’s time to attract customers. The designer group will definitely accompany the employer in this way with help and advice.

The reason for banning the use of application builders

If you have a WordPress site, you can find companies specializing in this work by searching the term “application maker” in the Google search engine. These companies can turn your website into an application by using ready-made frameworks.

But can such an application be useful for your business? Definitely for those of you whose goal is more than just having an application, you can have a professional application based on new ideas by spending a small amount of money. The functionality and features of these two applications will definitely not be comparable to each other.

The cost of mobile application design

Mobile application design, like a website, is evaluated and priced according to the type of project, work and time spent on its construction. For this evaluation, a team of experts who are active in the design of various parts of the application are responsible for calculating and announcing the price to the customer.

When the client coordinates his order with the team, it takes a few days for the project costs to be evaluated and announced. The employer can finalize the order after receiving the payment.

Factors that are influential in determining the price of application design can be seen in the following categories:

The story of UI/UX

Graphics necessary to build the application
The employer’s comments on the type of content production, editing and coding
Facilities that are included to build the application
The skill and mastery of the application development team (coders, software engineers, database designers, etc.)

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