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Currently, due to the advancement of technology and the importance of digital marketing or online marketing, there are few people who use advertisements in the traditional way. In fact, this type of advertising has lost its importance and new methods have replaced it. Businesses and big businesses should act on new strategies to increase their customers. In fact, digital marketing or online marketing is a new method in which it is necessary for companies to present new strategies after examining market conditions and analyzing competitors.

Web digital marketing company

It is better to know that many digital marketing companies are currently operating in Iran and abroad, Agha web site design and digital marketing agency is one of the successful companies operating in this field. It is good to know that in order to be successful, every digital marketing company must have the following features:

keep pace with rapid and daily changes

You certainly know that technology is developing and updating every moment and it moves very fast. Therefore, it is necessary for a digital marketing company to move in sync with these changes.

For example, we can mention activities on social networks such as Instagram. Because this social network has various features and new updates are added to it every so often, as a result, advertisements in each of these social media can be different from the other. Ifraza, there is a new feature called “Live” on Instagram, which differs from the other section called “Story” in terms of marketing in social networks and advertising.

In the field of mobile marketing, new changes and updates happen very quickly; As a result, with the increase in people’s use of smart phones, digital marketing is very important. So it is necessary and necessary for the digital marketing agency to pay enough attention to this issue. Agha Web Digital Marketing Company is also moving along with this technology and provides the best services to its customers.

Having a clear strategy

In the field of digital marketing, having a clear strategy is one of the most important factors for the success of a digital marketing company. Big businesses usually have different departments, including public relations, SEO, social networks, and online advertising, and it is necessary for each department to be in constant communication with other departments.


digital marketing company, Web Agha

Data analysis

One of the most important measures to determine the strategy in digital marketing is to analyze the data. For example, we should have an accurate measurement of the number of users, the duration of their placement on the pages, the most visited pages and their conversion rate to sales, which can only be done with the help of data analysis. In order to obtain relevant reports, it is necessary to have complete information about data analysis so that you can make the right decisions for the site in order to increase website traffic. For example, it is good to publish an advertisement at the right time to make your website or business better known.

Email marketing and its use

Currently, email marketing is one of the most effective factors for converting users into customers. In fact, most people believe that email marketing increases sales. In fact, this method is one of the successful methods in online marketing and many digital marketing companies use it.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Currently, most people search for a product or service, or if they have a question, on Google and other search engines. Therefore, it is very important that our website ranks higher than other pages in Google search results. Basically, the higher our site is placed, the more audience it will attract, and as a result, we will achieve higher sales.

There are two ways to increase your site’s ranking in search engine results:

One: using SEO of the site or with the help of Google Ads tool, which is shown on the first pages of Google results by paying for your site. You can also contact our colleagues at Agha Web Digital Marketing Company to register this request.

Two: With the help of SEO and website optimization, you can get a good rank and be naturally placed in the higher search engine results. You may be asked what is meant by SEO? SEO actually refers to a set of activities that over time affect the site’s ranking in Google results and improve their position. Among these activities, we can refer to the selection of target keywords, the production of unique and high-quality content, the use of appropriate metatags, the site’s responsiveness, internal and external links, and others.
Agha web site design and digital marketing agency has worked very strongly in the field of providing SEO services and offers its services to our dear compatriots. You can contact our colleagues to request SEO services.

network marketing

Agha Web Digital Marketing Agency is also trying to implement all the steps in the best way with the help of its experienced team in order to advance all digital marketing strategies. Most successful companies use social media marketing to better sell their services and products. Most businesses have a separate department for this department in their company. Due to the increase of social networks and the use of social media by most companies, the activity in this sector has become much more difficult. It is better to know that the social network management department of Agha Web Digital Marketing Agency is also one of the most professional departments of this service.

In social media marketing, the tools are very efficient and the use of hashtags helps users to publish content according to a specific category, or if they are looking for a specific topic, the use of hashtags can also help them. to do

Why digital marketing web Agha agency?

Agha Web Digital Marketing Agency, with the help of experienced experts in the field of SEO and online marketing, can design a basic marketing strategy and a standard business plan for you dear ones. As a result, your business will grow in the shortest possible time. Our team’s services include website design, online store design, mobile application design, digital marketing and digital marketing services, content creation, logo design, etc.