Some important points in website design

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If you decide to start a new website design for your business, don’t worry if you don’t know where to start and what tips to follow. We help you to have an attractive, powerful and user-friendly website. In order to order your website, before any action, it is necessary to consider the needs of your website. Then leave the work to the desired company.

In this article, we are going to explain the principles that you should pay attention to during the website design process. These website design principles are:

Use of video content

Using video in website design creates diversity on the page. It is also very practical and useful for users who do not have enough time to scan the entire page or text. Since Google displays pages with videos separately, many websites have started producing videos so that users can easily search for them on Google and visit their sites.

Use thumb-friendly navigation

Since the mobile search has overcome the computer, therefore, the website design is going in the direction where users can easily check and search the pages with their fingers. One of the most important researches done in this field is a book (Designing for Touch) written by Josh Clark. In this book, Josh has examined how to hold a mobile phone and how to move fingers, especially the thumb, and how these movements should be considered in the website design process. Today, users are more and more faced with navigations that work with the thumb, like a hamburger menu that collapses to the bottom of the mobile screen.

Serif fonts

We all know the rule that serif fonts are used for printing, such as books, magazines, newspapers, etc., and sans serif fonts are usually used to display texts on the screen. Although sans serif fonts are still the first option in website design, many brands and sites also use bold serif fonts in parts of their design such as Header. There is a good reason for this, which is that serif fonts are originally decorative and are the best choice for emphasizing content and titles. In addition, these fonts are among the first fonts that were invented, they have many characters and their compatibility is more.

Black and white colors

Color is one of the most important elements in website design. It indicates the state, it can make a brand special or as a guide, it can lead users to a path. In 2019, the use of black and white colors and designs will be popular. Color is actually the light particles that are absorbed and we can see the world through them. When we remove color, we see the world differently, shapes and textures become clearer and the world seems slower. The white color itself is a calm and bright color, while the black color is powerful and emphatic. The combination of these two colors can be very attractive and stunning. It is interesting to know that if a very small amount of color is used in black and white designs, the effect and attractiveness of that design will reach its maximum.


These reactions and interactions are events that have one goal: to surprise the user and create an attractive and human event. When you perform a task or action on a site or app, you receive a special reaction, this is a micro-interaction. For example, when you refresh the Twitter page, you hear a beep, this is a micro-interaction. Or the red icon on Facebook that represents your messages is an example of a micro-interaction. These were the most common uses of micro-interaction, but in 2019, web designers will use more of these on their sites.


Chatbots are robots that have been around for a while. Due to the growth and development of technology, these robots become smarter and more efficient. The use of robots on web pages will increase. Using bright colors will also make them more impressive on web pages.

Natural and organic forms

Although web pages are usually in the form of systematic grids, today there is a tendency among designers to use natural shapes and lines. Geometric structures such as squares, rectangles and triangles, which have sharp corners and edges, create a sense of stability and reliability, but 2019 is the year when most trends are more about comfort and ease. Since natural shapes are organic and asymmetrical in nature, they can add depth to your website design and this can make more elements of the page stand out.

Glitch art style

Glitch art (in English: Glitch art) is an art style with aesthetic goals and tries to use error, jamming and digital and analog noises in a work, such as photo, video, sound and music, to create a different and surprising work. Created. Using this style in website design attracts the audience and somehow creates a strange feeling in the person.

Minimalism (minimalism)

Undoubtedly, the minimum view is one of the classic and permanent trends in website design, which has an aesthetic aspect. The fewer your elements, the less your audience needs to think. If a site (using the minimalism method) is well designed, there will be no problem in presenting the content and the user will get what he wants. The use of minimalism design will be popular in 2019. Animations and fade-in effects will give more space and freedom to the pages, and as a result, it will cause the creation of empty space, contrast and clear typography, and it will prevent the creation of many elements that distract the audience. will be prevented.


Do not forget that the world of the web is a network that has spread globally. The Internet connects billions of people of different cultures, abilities, ages, and genders around the world. People who each want to see their own reflection in their content rather than stock photos.

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