The cost of designing a store website

هزینه طراحی سایت فروشگاهی

How much does it cost to design a store website? What should be done to build an online store website? What cost should we consider for designing a store website? We at Agha web site design and digital marketing company are specialized in this field and we have considered the price of site design with a suitable and reasonable tariff for our dear customers. Dear ones, you can leave your website design to us with peace of mind and without any problems and receive your website as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to design a store website?

If you want to design a store website, it is necessary to get complete information in this field before any action. According to the reviews made by Agha Web Team, the price of website design or attention to people’s needs is different. Before anything else, knowing the costs is one of the most important issues that must be clear to the clients before starting work. Agha’s web team is with you throughout the entire process of website design, so that you can place your order with full knowledge of the cost of designing a store website.

Currently, all businesses, especially businesses that operate on the Internet, need a website. It is no longer necessary for people to rent or buy a place to sell their products. Rather, people can sell their products and services only by designing a store website. Having a website is like a showcase for you and you can sell your products or services on the site.

Why is designing a store website important in introducing your business?

Currently, due to the advancement of science and technology, as well as people turning to digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers, playing a role in the web and digital platform is very important for brands and businesses.

In fact, web design provides the opportunity for companies, organizations, institutions, online stores, etc. to increase their sales by introducing services and products at a very low cost. In fact, the requirement for success in any brand and business is to have a website, and lack of activity in the digital space means losing a significant share of the target market.

How much does it cost to design a store website?

To design an online store, the question may come to your mind, where should we start? How much does it cost to design a store website? How much does it cost to set up an online store? It is good to know the types of store website design before anything else. Then, knowing the types of websites and according to your activity, choose one of them and then refer to a suitable company.

Keep in mind that if your exact strategy and road map are not clear, it is definitely not possible to achieve the goal and achieve success in it. In order to know the cost of building a store website and to receive more information in this field, you can contact our colleagues in Agha Web Team. Keep in mind that Web Agha is active in the field of website design for Iranians abroad and has a brilliant record in this field.

Internet store website design features

  • The possibility of registering products and services: with the possibility of entering specifications, the number of stocks, uploading images, descriptions, product prices, discount amounts
  • Customer management: including registration, purchase, settlement section
  • The possibility of customers entering their personal panel and reporting the amount of purchases and viewing reports
  • Ability to search for products based on name, barcode and specifications
  • Choosing the payment method: payment on the spot and payment through online payment
  • Enter store contact information, address, contact number, and address on the map
  • Management panel: introducing products, viewing reports on order status, reports on received goods, inventory and customer settlement
  • Website design based on SEO principles and web standards
  • Responsive and action-oriented website design

Advantages of having an online store

  • More sales and the possibility of attracting customers
  • Reducing commuting costs for users
  • The possibility of better recognition of the brand in the eyes of the audience
  • The online store is open at different times of the day and the possibility of 24-hour sales
  • No restrictions on users’ purchases in time and days of the week
  • The possibility of providing services and sending products to different parts of a country or countries
  • Availability of complete product information for customers
  • Easier and faster selection of products for customers
  • Reducing costs such as renting a shop or warehouse
  • Reduce marketing costs

Place an order for store website design with Agha Web

Web Agha  site design and digital marketing company is engaged in the field of website and online store design, mobile application design, digital marketing, SEO services, logo design and content production abroad. If you have any questions or information about the price of store website design, you can contact our colleagues. Our team is ready to answer your questions.