Business directory website design

طراحی سایت دایرکتوری مشاغل

Designing a business directory website is like a reference where companies can list their services. These types of websites can be a solution to the needs of the audience in any field of work. Because most users and service seekers tend to choose the best company by viewing complete information and comparing the services of the companies; Therefore, the design of the business directory website is actually the same as the databases and it is necessary that they be implemented dynamically so that company managers can introduce their services to users.

Agha’s web team has a lot of experience in designing business directory websites and has designed many directory websites so far. Before any action, it is better to do a complete analysis of the needs of the audience of each website and the strategy of the site managers so that the best facilities are available to the customers.

What is meant by job directory site design?

Directory websites are actually a complete reference of company services for users that are categorized according to a specific topic. One of the most common directory site designs is the business directory. In this model of websites, in addition to introducing different businesses, complete information about them is available to users. In addition, in recent years, many of these websites have been used for recruitment, among these models of recruitment websites, we can refer to Job Anja, Iran Recruitment, etc.

Some people think that directory sites are the same as search engines, but it may seem that way, but it is not. Because the information collected in directories is created by users, but in search engines, search engine crawling robots check the website information after uploading and save it in their list. But actually, in the design of the directory site, only the information registered by the companies is shown.

Why design a business directory site with Agha Web?

Why design a business directory site with Agha Web? It is good to know that the creation of databases required by customers exclusively for customers can be one of the advantages and strengths of directory websites in providing better information and displaying large amounts of data without problems, which the Agha web team has experienced and specialized experts. In the field of website programming, it has provided this need of its customers in the best possible way.

One of the other advantages of designing a directory site by Web Agha is to be on the first pages of search engines with many keywords. Web Agha, with optimization and SEO in a completely principled way, places the mentioned websites with different keywords in the top ranks of search engines. puts.

Directory site design price

Maybe you are wondering what the price of business directory website design is? The price of directory site design is met according to the facilities requested by customers and the facilities that the website offers to users in the management dashboard, so contact us for advice in this regard. Web Agha, with high experience in the field of website design and its specialized implementation, will help you dear ones to have a comprehensive website.

Also, different business owners have the ability to advertise their business by referring to web directories. In some websites this is done for free and in some websites with a monthly or yearly fee.

As mentioned, web directories are considered as a reference for introducing different businesses. But some directory websites are only engaged in the introduction of a field of work and provide their services exclusively in this field. For example, on medical directory websites, you can only find information about doctors and their office addresses.

Directory site design features
In the following, some features of directory site design are briefly mentioned, which include the following:

  • Beautiful and attractive website template design
  • Registration of various types of ads in the categories of different job titles
  • Ability to introduce companies, products and services
  • News section with the ability to define categories
  • Blog section with the ability to define categories
  • Ability to display the latest registered companies
  • Ability to display the latest registered ads
  • The possibility of outputting the directory information as an Excel file
  • Payment gateway
  • Automatically send emails to members after they register in the directory
  • The possibility of recording questions and answers
  • Registration of website links
  • Complete introduction of jobs
  • Newsletter and its management
  • contact us
  • about us
  • Ability to send email
  • Record questions and answers
  • Search based on province, city and region
  • Advertisement section on the website
  • The possibility of inserting and displaying all kinds of advertising banners in different sizes
  • The site is responsive to different screens such as laptops, tablets and mobiles
  • And …

Business owners can refer to the directories and introduce their activities to others by posting their advertisements.

Job directory website design order

As mentioned, business owners can easily earn money by designing a business directory website. Of course, note that only designing a business directory site is not enough, and SEO and site optimization must also be done. Don’t worry about this because Agha’s web team is by your side and will help you to be on the first pages of Google results. In order to set up and design a directory site, you can contact our colleagues at Agha Web and benefit from our services in the best possible way.