Digital marketing and its application

خدمات دیجیتال مارکتینگ و انواع بازاریابی دیجیتال

Digital marketing is a form of marketing of products and services that is done through electronic devices. You surely know that digital marketing is not a relatively new topic. The first digital marketing that took place in the world is related to more than 100 years ago in the world. For example, the radio was invented in 1896. It took 10 years for the radio to become a mass product and for most people to buy it. It was from there that they thought of advertising. The first commercials were related to an opera performance, which immediately sold tickets after the broadcast, and the same day digital marketing was born.

The difference between digital marketing (online) and traditional marketing (offline)

Traditional marketing deals with advertising including advertisements, billboards, television ads, radio ads, print ads, newspaper ads, etc. In this method, advertising costs are very expensive and excessive, and because it is not possible to target a specific community, sometimes these costs are wasted. It is very difficult to measure the results you get from this type of marketing. Also, this method is not very suitable for branding because the target community is not clear.

On the other hand, digital marketing is a modern method in which you promote your products and services with methods such as advertising in social networks, SEO, PPC or click advertising, advertising in search engines (SEM), etc. In this type of marketing, costs are very affordable, and due to the possibility of specific customer targeting, branding is very efficient and fast. Digital marketing is also easy to measure with the help of analytics tools.

You may be wondering which strategy is best for your business? In response, we must say that your goal must be clearly defined in your marketing process.

If you want to reach a specific group of people wherever they are, while keeping costs down, digital marketing is the best option. Doing so also allows you to immediately gather valuable information about your audience so that you can create more effective marketing campaigns.

However, there is still a place for traditional marketing. If you want to reach an older audience or a local audience, traditional marketing methods may be more productive and better than digital marketing methods. Although these methods may seem “old”; But the reason you still see these types of ads around is because they work well for some businesses.

When you want to know which marketing strategy is best for your business, consider your audience first; See what interests they pursue and where they get their information to make decisions.

What is the online type of digital marketing?

In the online type of digital marketing, you use channels that are on the web to introduce your brand and products and services to potential customers. Internet, applications, search engines, social networks and other digital tools are the channels through which you can reach your target audience.

Types of digital marketing channels

There are different types of digital marketing channels. These channels are platforms that you can use to reach target audiences that are relevant to your brand, product or service and get closer to your marketing goals.

Keep in mind that neither is inherently better than the other; Depending on your conditions and needs, you should know which digital marketing channel to use and then implement the best practices to achieve your goals. Most of your goals will probably be about generating leads, increasing brand awareness, improving conversion rates, and ultimately, more sales. Additionally, you can consider and combine a combination of strategies for different goals.

Next, we will discuss each of these branches of digital marketing and you will see which one has the most potential to meet the needs of your business and audience.

  • Content marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid search
  • e-mail marketing
  • Click Advertising
  • network marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Sponsored content
  • Online public relations
  • Inbound marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • The importance of using digital marketing

If you are wondering why digital marketing is important, consider the following points:

Currently, the marketing strategy is completely dependent on digital marketing
It increases sales and ultimately increases income
It helps you to make your brand popular
It helps to build better relationship with customers and improve business prospects
It produces a better rate of return on investment (ROI).
It has wide and dynamic job opportunities
It helps your visibility in search engine SERP

Is digital marketing a continuous and continuous demand in the market?

Digital marketers, and especially online marketing experts, should pay attention to this widespread use of the Internet. Because the easier access to the online space becomes, the demand for digital marketing increases. Currently, more than half of the world’s people are online users and do their activities through smartphones or laptops. For this reason, organizations are looking for the development of their digital marketing activities more than before for profitability.

Currently, social media management has become a necessity for organizations around the world. As we move away from traditional economies and users become more familiar with technology; The demand for digital marketing is increasing. For example, Australia has put digital marketing-based services at the forefront of its economy by abandoning the traditional methods of advertising and economics, and has faced a significant increase in the demand for hiring digital marketers compared to the last five years.

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