Digital marketing services and types of digital marketing

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Digital marketing services and types of digital marketing is another topic that we intend to discuss in this article. In the past, businesses used traditional methods for advertising. Among the types of marketing and advertising methods of the past, it is possible to mention advertisements in newspapers and magazines, telephone marketing, advertising on radio and television, distribution of leaflets in crowded places, installation of advertising banners in streets and high traffic areas.

But over time, with the spread of the Internet, online advertising replaced traditional methods and businesses used these methods. This led to the development of digital marketing services and types of digital marketing. As a result, the use of traditional methods lost their popularity and digital marketing methods replaced traditional methods. Currently, digital marketing services, Google click ads, search engine optimization, Google ads, and social media ads have revolutionized the world of advertising.

If you consider all the rules of internet marketing and get guidance from a professional digital marketing consulting team, you can definitely expand your business online.

What is meant by digital marketing services?

Digital marketing, also known as digital marketing, refers to the marketing of products or services with the help of digital technologies through the Internet, social networks, websites, which is done by mobile, computer or any other digital tool.

Online marketing methods are completely different from traditional methods. Currently, most advertising platforms such as social networks and websites provide you with access to reports so that you can have a comprehensive analysis of the data.

For example, in website design, you can get accurate and useful information about contacts and content performance through Google Analytics analysis. It is good to know that the ability to analyze digital businesses is much better than the offline world and you can easily get accurate statistics of customer behavior, user interactions, customer interests, etc. Now the question may be raised to you, what does this data help you? What is the importance of these data and information? In response to this question, it is good to know that these data and information show you the correct behavior of users. In addition, you can prepare your services and products according to the needs of customers and even create personalized content based on this. This information will help you to attract more customers and achieve high sales.

What does digital marketing strategy mean?

A digital marketing strategy is actually a plan or course of action that helps you achieve predetermined marketing goals. In fact, digital marketing strategy helps you to go step by step and based on priorities so that you can be successful in your business. After specifying these goals, you should create and implement digital marketing campaigns.

Keep in mind that digital marketing strategy and digital marketing campaign are not the same concept and are different from each other. The meaning of digital marketing strategy is to have a comprehensive or initial plan to achieve our long-term and big goals through it. But the meaning of digital marketing campaigns is the use of tactics that are used to achieve micro and short-term goals.


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Why digital marketing services webagha?

This question may come to your mind, why is it better to use Agha’s web digital marketing services? In response to this question, it is good to first familiarize yourself with Agha’s web digital marketing services.

Advantages of digital marketing

In the following, there are explanations about the benefits of digital marketing, which include:

1. The possibility of checking and measuring

Considering that there are many channels where you can publish your content and advertisements in that digital space, many tools have been created to analyze the results that you can use according to your needs. These tools include Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and Search Console.

In fact, through each click made by the user, or the shopping cart that he completes but does not make a payment, the time he spends on each of the pages and other similar information, you can through this tool to Get comprehensive information. Keep in mind that all the information you get through these tools will help you to increase the sales of your services and products. After some time, you can compare your performance and get help from them to succeed in your campaigns.

2. Internet marketing services help to increase the efficiency and optimization of campaigns.

With the emergence of social networks and digital marketing methods, marketers were able to achieve an ideal environment for advertising and sales. E-sales are done through various websites and applications. Different sales channels provide the opportunity for marketers to have a detailed review of the performance of digital marketing campaigns.

In fact, these reviews help business owners to identify the positive and negative points of the campaigns, the positive results obtained and the mistakes that occurred so that they can come up with creative plans to improve audience interaction and increase sales. apply themselves.

3. Targeted access in providing digital marketing services

Due to the spread of social networks, there are currently billions of users on social networks who spend a lot of time on these networks, introducing and identifying brands, selling products, providing services, and digital branding can easily be done in this way. will be

Also, in this way, you can define the persona of your contacts and consider them as a target. For example, your contacts can be young boys and girls of 20 to 30 years old who want to learn computer skills and website design. In any case, digital marketing services are not limited to any age group or specific job.


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4. Possibility of retargeting in digital marketing services

Retargeting is a type of marketing that allows you to show relevant ads to users who have visited specific pages on your website. Suppose you have an online store website and a person is looking for Nike brand men’s shoes on your site, but cannot find the desired product while searching the pages. In this case, you can target him with advertisements related to the Nike brand with the help of digital marketing services. You can do this by sending notifications or SMS during special occasions or discounts.

5. Increasing the rate of return on investment

One of the main and important benefits of running a digital marketing campaign is the rate of return on investment. In fact, the main goal of digital marketing services is to help you return your investment. It means to achieve more profit and sales.

6- Brand awareness or increasing Brand Awareness

Other benefits of digital marketing services include reaching the upper layers of the business. Branding is one of these layers. Branding helps you to be attractive and effective to your audience.

In fact, when customers are informed about your brand with digital marketing and the attractiveness and unique goals of your brand are imprinted in their minds, customer attraction and sales increase will also take place.

Note that Agha Web Digital Marketing Agency, working in the field of digital marketing, offers the following digital marketing services to you, which are:

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