Know the types of store site design!

انواع مدلهای طراحی سایت فروشگاهی

Usually, store website design is classified according to two factors, the type of goods and the nature of the transaction parties. All store websites operate in the field of sales. But this sale can have different types, which we will discuss further.

Before designing the site, determine what field your online store website is going to operate in, what you are going to sell, what are the payment methods on your website? What website is needed? What is the purpose of online store design? What services or products are going to be offered to customers? Stay with Web Agha to know the answers to these questions.

Types of store site design models

B2C online store

The meaning of B2C website design is a store where the transaction is done between the seller and the customer. The letter B stands for the word Business and the letter C stands for the word Consumer. So when we say B2C, it means that the seller is in direct contact with the customer. Normally, all of us have made purchases from online stores at least once. These types of purchases are actually B2C. It means that we have directly purchased the desired product from the seller. Note that buying does not mean only physical goods and you can even sell your services. For example, you can sell training courses. Many people are active on the Internet and according to their skills, they make their training courses available to users. You can get them by visiting these websites and buying training courses.

C2C store site design

As mentioned, the letter C stands for the word Consumer. So, in this type of website, the customer (consumer) is connected with the customer (consumer). Simply put, in this type of business, one consumer offers a product for sale to another consumer and actually sells it. The online store website acts as an intermediary between the two, and its only source of income is the commission it collects.

This type of store is suitable for those who do not have the goods and initial capital to start an online store, they only intend to provide a platform for the sale of goods by the consumer, and their income is made through the relevant commission. In this way, these people create a platform so that others can put their goods for sale on the site and earn money from the commission of this transaction.

C2B online store

This type of online store is not used much now, but it will definitely be used in the future. In this type of store website design, the customer sells his product to the online store.

In fact, people who are engaged in handicrafts such as drawing, painting, knitting, handicrafts, sculpture, etc., can easily produce and sell their products in this way. Among the active sites in this field, we can refer to Digikala online store.

B2B store site design

In B2B store website design, two sellers are connected with each other. In other words, a person who works in the field of wholesale product, sells his product to a person who is a retailer. In fact, many wholesalers have created this feature for other sellers to purchase their products online. This makes it unnecessary to visit in person and saves money and time.

Of course, note that this store website design is only suitable for wholesalers and retailers and is not applicable for everyone. Currently, many wholesale websites are active and make their purchases in this way. This type of online store design makes sales easier for users and transactions are done well in this way. But in the past, this type of transaction was very difficult because for bulk purchases, people had to go in person, which was very difficult if people did not live in the same city; But now you can easily register and buy your bulk order by creating an account.

Designing the market place store website

You may not have heard the word Market Police and are not familiar with it. Market place online store is the same as an online market. In this type of store website, a platform is created for buyers and sellers who can transact with each other through this website. In Market Place, first the supplier needs to introduce his product to the site manager and after receiving approval, he can sell it on the store website. Currently, many market polices are working on the Internet and providing services to users.

It is good to know that in the Market Place online store, no cost is allocated for the purchase of the primary product, but this website has only provided a suitable platform between the supplier and the buyer. For example, the Internet taxi Uber did not buy any cars and only creates a connection between the driver and the passenger, and this is how it generates its income.

Keep in mind that if you have a good idea for designing and setting up a marketplace, it will generate a lot of income for you. So just your idea is creative.

Note that today there is fierce competition in the idea of market polices. Because many users try to offer their goods or services to others with the highest quality and reasonable price. This makes the customer have many choices.

If we want to make a comparison between the types of store website design, definitely starting Market Place is better and more profitable than other options because the manager of Market Place does not suffer because he does not have any products and earns money only by selling other people’s products.

Also, in order to sell goods in the Market Place online store, you no longer need to pay for advertising and marketing, and you are in direct contact with buyers. In addition, all your customers are real and even competition is created to buy your product. In addition, you have no limit on the number of customers and you can sell your product in the shortest possible time.

As you have noticed, with the advancement of technology, online businesses are implemented and there are few businesses that can continue to operate in a traditional way. Because in this case, you will lose the leading sales opportunities and you will lag behind your competitors.

Through the Market Place online store, you can communicate with a large number of customers and sell your goods without the need for them to be in the sales office or shop.

Online store design request

Currently, online stores are very important for business because they are not limited to time and place. If you are planning to design a store website, you can contact our colleagues at Agha Web Team. Our colleagues will guide you in this field.