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Currently, there are many SEO and website optimization tools available on the Internet that will help you improve your business. Currently, businesses are trying to provide valuable services to their customers.

Today, due to the expansion of businesses and fierce competition between companies, the value of SEO and site optimization is more evident than before. Currently, most businesses pay more attention to how to compete in the web space because they know that in order to succeed, they must try to make themselves better visible to the audience. In this article, we are going to provide explanations about improving traffic and website visits. In this way, you can learn about SEO solutions to advance your goals. So stay with us until the end of this article.

The importance of finding keywords through website optimization tools

Finding keywords through website optimization tools is not difficult. After designing the site, you may face the problem of not knowing what your target keywords are. Because actually, targeting keywords suitable for your profession during website design is the most important and effective part of website SEO. So it is necessary to know your target keywords and use them in the content of your site. Note that if you are a product or service provider, your keywords are the same as your products and services, but you must be able to identify them correctly and use them to improve your website traffic.

How to identify target keywords:

Note that your target keywords should be related to your products and services.
For the target keyword, it is necessary that the keyword search is high enough to attract the audience.
Keep in mind that target keywords vary by country, product/service type specificity, and seasonality. You must have a high understanding of the audience’s needs. In fact, your knowledge in the industry will help you to evaluate and choose appropriate keywords for your field of activity according to the needs of your audience.

What tools are suitable for doing keyword research before designing a website?

Below we have reviewed a number of website optimization tools, which include the following:

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is one of the website optimization tools used for keyword research. With the help of this tool, access to millions of keywords is available, this tool is able to help you in choosing the list of keywords during website design. Also, through this you can see the suggested keyword coma, ranking websites, and all the criteria in your keyword.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer or keyword generator
It is one of the website optimization tools that is useful and suitable for finding new keywords to target in website design, changes, seeing their search rate, viewing keyword ideas, etc.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a suitable platform that allows you to check the search trends for selected keywords. Also, if you want to choose one among several similar words, this possibility is available to you using this tool. You can choose the best one after comparing several keywords.

Sometimes, some keywords have higher average monthly search volume than others, so you can choose the target keyword by carefully checking and comparing them.

Answer The Public

It is one of the website optimization tools that allows you to see the questions that are usually searched around your keywords. It can also help generate your content ideas.

Google Search Console

Google search console helps you to evaluate the performance of your website in the search results and view the result. This tool is very good and excellent for SEO and checking the status of your website. This tool can be used to find suitable keywords for the site pages. You can also see the performance of your website after selecting keywords.

In this tool, it is possible to filter keywords and combine them, and based on them, you can see a report of the status of your website based on those keywords, along with the display rate and the number of users’ clicks. It is also possible to report based on time period.

What should be done for SEO and site optimization?
After designing the site, update your data.
Title: The title of the page should be attractive, specific, clear, related to the topic and less than 60 characters.

Meta description: In the meta description, try to use important keywords without repeating keywords too much. The meta description should be about 150-160 characters.

H1: This tag is the titles on the page that are usually displayed at the top of the page, these titles must be related to your page because they create the structure of the article and the context for Google and the user after the site is designed.

Creating content and choosing keywords

Note that tools such as Answer The Public will provide you with ideas of topics that have been discussed about important keywords. So you can make a blog post out of them!

Make sure that you have a title that includes keywords and is easily understood by users. In Samman, it is better to use internal and external links in all your content. Because linking is an important factor in the proper ranking of pages in website design. It is better to link between the pages of your site so that you can get a good ranking.

final word

Agha web site design company, having at its disposal a team of experts in the field of SEO by using website optimization tools, has made it possible to provide you with the best quality in line with website optimization. You can contact our colleagues for advice or any questions in this regard.