Mobile application design and its importance in business

طراحی اپلیکیشن موبایل

Today, mobile application design has become very important for the expansion of businesses compared to the past, and most businesses use it to improve and prosper their activities. In fact, in a world where different applications are designed, every business must have an application to keep up with the digital world. It is even predicted that businesses that have not been able to adapt to new technologies will be eliminated soon.

Making an application requires a high level of experience and technical knowledge, and for this, it is better to find the right company. Any wrong choice can cause irreparable financial and time losses for you. Agha’s web team is engaged in the field of website design and mobile application design and helps you, dear audience, to implement your business well. Web Agha is with you by using the latest coding method in Android and iOS application design so that you can improve your business.

The steps of designing a mobile application with Agha web

This question may come to your mind, what points should we consider before requesting an application design? What information should we have in this field? Join us to answer all your questions.

1- Document file or proposal

Before any action, it is better to prepare a document file or proposal of the features and facilities you want to build the application. This file will help you to know all your needs at the beginning of your work and put them on the agenda. Try to put all the features you want in this file so that the application is implemented according to what you have in mind.

2- Holding technical meetings with Agha’s web team

After the completion of the document file, it is necessary to hold technical meetings with the Agha Web team, raise requests so that the necessary explanations will be provided by the Agha Web team, and the time frame for the completion of the project and the related cost will also be announced to you.

3- Design and implementation of mobile application

After holding the meeting and finalizing the proposal, you can now enter the mobile application design phase. After finishing the work, dear ones, you can check the application and announce the final items.

4- Application support and testing

After finishing the design, our colleagues on Agha web test the project and fix the error. After this stage, the project enters the support phase so that possible errors can be fixed during the project if necessary.

Know the types of mobile application design

Types of mobile application design include the following?

1- Lifestyle applications
Lifestyle applications currently have many fans. Its types include fitness, sports, music, nutrition and diet therapy, savings, etc. Through these applications, you can learn about a healthy lifestyle and communicate with them.

Basically, these applications help you to know your personal qualities and characteristics and live a healthier and more regular life. For example, Celery application helps you to know the amount of calories consumed during the day by recording daily food.

2- Social network applications
Social networking applications are very popular with everyone and most people spend a lot of time in these applications. These applications include Facebook, Instagram, etc. These applications are a good platform for generating income.

3- Functional applications
Applications are another type of applications that are often installed by default on our mobile phones. The most common of them are reminder applications, calculators, weather conditions, flashlights, etc.

4- Game and entertainment applications
Currently, game and entertainment applications are very popular and people prefer to install them on their mobile phones. Most of the designed games have long stages and occupy users for a long time. If you plan to design a game and entertainment application, you must be able to design interesting and long stages for the game so that your game is not boring. The game should be attractive and exciting for people to follow it. Some of the best gaming and entertainment apps include Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, Metro Surfers and more.

5- Notification applications
Notification applications provide the user with the news and information of the day and in this way attract the user. Some of the best news apps include Buzzfeed, Smartnews, and Google News & Weather

6- Store applications
Store applications are another type of applications through which you can purchase the products you need. These applications are actually a solution to increase your business sales. In addition, they are very useful and practical.

7- Other applications
There are various types of applications, including service, corporate, internet taxi, educational, etc. applications in the market, and you can design each of them according to your field of activity. For example, the UBER internet taxi application helps you to get a taxi at a lower cost anywhere in the city and go to your destination.


Mobile application design can help you increase your income. This helps your business by improving sales, better communication with your audience and customers. If you intend to design a mobile application, you can contact Web Agha. Partners