What is professional SEO? What actions should be taken?

Professional SEO

Certainly, choosing a company that provides professional SEO to you dear ones is a wonderful option for website owners. The Agha Web Team has come to solve your problems by providing professional SEO services and in this way helps website owners to get a very good ranking in search engines. This will increase your website traffic and improve your ranking in search engines.

Now the question may arise for you, what is meant by professional SEO? What measures are offered to the audience in this regard? How does professional SEO help to increase our website traffic? Why should we use the professional SEO services of Agha Web Team? Stay with us to answer all your questions.

What is professional SEO?

Professional SEO means the use of standard methods and principles, which are also known as white hat SEO. The purpose of this type of SEO is to generate natural website traffic through appropriate keywords. In simpler terms, SEO refers to techniques that increase the site’s ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Therefore, professional SEO consists of operations that are carried out inside and outside the website in order to ultimately increase site traffic.

In fact, there are many methods to improve website ranking, but in professional SEO, priority should be given to the most important issue, which is digital marketing strategy. Keep in mind that if your business is not launched online, it will surely disappear in a few years.


What is the importance of SEO for business?

SEO is used for online businesses in order to increase the visibility of the website and its content with the aim of increasing traffic. Therefore, companies employ SEO experts to implement basic strategies to increase real traffic. As a result, the website is optimized according to standard principles and can get a good rank in search engine results. So it is better to experience professional SEO with Agha’s web team.

Know the types of SEO!

SEO is divided into white hat SEO and black hat SEO or internal SEO and external SEO. Each of them has its own methods. In white hat SEO, legal and standard techniques are used to increase site visits. In this method, your website may be placed in the initial results of Google for a longer period of time, but due to compliance with the standards, your rank will be maintained and you will not be penalized by Google.

In professional SEO, the most important goal is to be able to place your website on the first page of Google results for the desired keyword. Most people use search engines to find the products, services or information they want, and 90% of people only click on links that appear on the first page.


White hat SEO

White hat SEO is the most suitable SEO method, in which you will not be penalized by Google, because with this method, your website will grow naturally and get real visits.

Black hat SEO

In black hat SEO, only methods are used that you can appear in the first results of Google in a very short period of time, but in this method, due to the lack of use of standard and legal techniques, your website will be known as spam after a while. You will be removed from Google results. Keep in mind that after the website is spammed, it is difficult to restore the site to its previous state.

How is professional SEO done?

In professional SEO, the experts of Agha’s web team perform the following actions to increase site visits in a principled way:

Check keywords
In professional SEO, the first step is to find keywords related to your field of activity. Keywords are searched by users. After checking the keywords of your field of activity, Agha’s web team will extract a list of the best keywords and advance your website’s SEO according to them. Target keywords will bring more users to your website.

Analysis of competitors’ websites
The second most important point in professional SEO is the analysis of competitors’ websites, which is done by Agha’s web team. The Internet has become a huge competitive market between businesses. There are definitely successful businesses in this online platform whose target market is clear. In the meantime, Agha Web SEO team, after analyzing the situation of your website with your competitors, will measure your strengths and weaknesses. By examining your competitors’ websites, our experts can find their weaknesses and use them to outdo you.

link building
The third important point in professional SEO is basic link building, which is done in two ways: backlinks from other websites and creating internal links between pages.

One of the most important factors that causes a better website ranking is link building. According to the Penguin algorithm, Google is sensitive to incoming backlinks from other websites and penalizes those who purchase links. From Google’s point of view, backlinks are valuable that come to your site from highly visited websites and because of unique content, such as guest posts in forums or social networks.

Regarding the creation of links between website pages, this action causes better communication between pages and every time the Google robot navigates a page, it also re-navigates internal links and other pages.

Content production
Content is king. This sentence shows the importance of content production. Agha’s web team helps you by producing SEO content so that you can get a good ranking in search engines. Unique content makes you rank higher than your competitors.

Local SEO
Local SEO is one of the professional SEO techniques that is currently being emphasized a lot. Local SEO means displaying the website based on the location of the searcher. That is, if you search for the term “SEO services in Hamburg”, you will be shown results that include your search location. For example, by searching for this phrase, only companies providing SEO services in the city of Hamburg will appear.

Mobile SEO
Due to the increasing number of smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets, site optimization for mobile has become more important than in the past. Mobile optimization is one of the professional SEO factors and should be given enough attention. In the websites that are designed by Agha Web Team, enough attention has been paid to their optimization for smart devices.

being multilingual
Many companies offer their services and products to audiences beyond their country’s borders. So these websites need to be multilingual. The multilinguality of the website is one of the important parameters in professional SEO that should be taken into account. In this case, people from all over the world can communicate with you.

final word
In this article, we tried to introduce you to the professional SEO of Agha Web Team and the actions it takes in this field. As mentioned, professional SEO helps your business to get good traffic and be on the first page of Google.

Our team consists of expert and experienced people so that we can provide the best services to our customers. If you plan to design a website and benefit from the professional SEO services of Agha Web Team, contact us.