The importance of frequently asked questions page in store website design

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Customer orientation is very important in designing a store website. Especially in store websites, otherwise you will lose your customers. Having a properly configured and optimized FAQ page is essential for both customers and search engines.

The importance of frequently asked questions page in store website design

You may be asked why we need a frequently asked questions page in the design of a store website.

1- In response to this question, it is good to know that by doing this you will reduce the workload of your support team. In fact, if you design the FAQ page correctly, the FAQ page will be the first point of contact with customers, they can get answers to many of their questions before they contact you.

2- By designing the FAQ page, you will create a better user experience for your customers and they can buy faster without having to answer and contact your team.

3- Having this page will gain the trust of customers. Providing services such as money back, the possibility of referring products in the design of a store website, explaining various types of transportation methods and clarifying with site users will encourage them to buy and thus trust your website.

What makes you better than your competitors?

Clarify your services.
Do not neglect the possibility of searching in the online store.
Your support team should answer users’ questions.
To get a better ranking in search engines like Google, you need to improve your website’s internal links.
What questions should we answer?
The most important source for your questions is the support team. You need to know exactly what questions your customers are asking when they contact your support and sales team; After that, you have to register the questions and answers of each one on the site. In this case, you can collect a reference of user questions and answers on your website. Surely these questions are also relevant for other users.

Note that the answers to the questions should be clear, short and real. Try to give a short and clear answer to each question, avoid additional and long explanations.

If you have more to say, you can use the following methods:

Put educational GIFs on the website.
Post a full article for topics you think need further explanation.
For explanations, you can use explanations and videos.
You can use the flowchart to explain the answers to the customers’ questions.
Video is a good idea and method to answer more customers’ questions. Currently, videos have many fans and it is better to use them on your store website. You can also show how to buy from your website by uploading a promotional video. There are different tools to make a video and you can even design your videos with a video.

Use the FAQ schema when designing a store website.

Google values clear answers, which is why it’s a good idea to create a proper FAQ page. In fact, Google places special importance on this section and there is a separate schema for this content format, which is called the FAQ page schema. This makes it easier for Google to understand your question page and helps your page show up in search.

Important note: If you include an internal link in the answers to the questions, you will rank higher in the search results.

Use the FAQ as a sitemap.

Your FAQ page is actually part of the user experience, as each answer is an important step towards better selling your website. So consider internal linking for this section.

Pay attention to the user’s intent.
When your online store users are looking for specific questions and perform a search, what are they likely to do next? In fact, if users ask you about the shipping cost, then they are definitely close to buying, but they may be looking for more information about the final price. So you can provide explanations about your shipping system and link to the product page and shopping cart to complete the payment process.

If they ask you how long it will take to ship and send the product, then they are definitely your current customer, so it is better to link to the shipping information page.

Pay enough attention to the structure when designing a store website.

You may not know what the meaning of structure is in store website design. To have a proper structure, consider the following in your website design:

During the search for users, a page with the title of our offer will be considered for you.
It is essential to have clear categories on your website so that users can easily find the product they are looking for. If there is no proper category, users may leave your website because they cannot find their product.
How to create a frequently asked questions page in an online store
A suitable FAQ page addresses different user goals. This makes page monitoring a very basic task.

Here are some ways to achieve it:

Check out the search on the FAQ page
Manage and control searches in your online store on the FAQ page: The most common searches indicate which product features or sections of the site cause the most confusion, which may indicate some existing problems. to do But empty searches show that users’ questions do not generate any answers in your FAQ.

Monitor customer feedback.
In fact, collecting user feedback on each answer in the FAQ section will help you create better answers.

Frequently asked questions FAQ
The following are questions that are related to common answers. These questions are:

Is the FAQ section still a good idea?
Answer: Yes, only if you take it seriously.

Should I use “too short” answers to use less space?
According to SEO experts, content hidden behind tabs or short content are not valuable. Then use the appropriate answer.

Can I reuse selected answers on other pages that use these questions and answers? Is this considered duplicate content?

This duplicate content isn’t a problem, meaning Google won’t penalize it, but the best way to avoid duplicate content is to write new responses for each page in your online store design.

Some important tips for frequently asked questions in online store design

An FAQ page is an important step in a customer’s shopping experience that can drive traffic.
To find the answers you can put on your FAQ page, determine the topics of your website and then design appropriate questions and answers for each.
Link from your frequently asked questions to provide you with different user goals.
Structure your FAQ page in a meaningful way to give site users clues about what they’re looking for.
Create short and useful answers so that users can get answers to their questions quickly. Animated videos and GIFs always make the FAQ section of an online store more attractive.
In order to improve and expand the FAQ page in online store design, monitor the user experience of your site through the FAQ page.