What is meant by local SEO or local SEO?

منظور از سئو محلی یا لوکال سئو چیست؟

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means site optimization for better search engine access. When you search for a specific topic in search engines like Google, you have definitely noticed that some websites are ranked higher. In fact, these pages have good SEO and are seen in a better position in the search results pages. Compliance with website design standards will make your website indexed in search engines. The meaning of web design standards is to comply with things such as page title, keywords, meta tags, key phrases, descriptions and appropriate content.

Website optimization and its importance

The purpose of site optimization is that you can get the most points in the search engine results. You may be asked the question, what effect does being in the top results of Google have on your business? Why is it necessary to do local SEO? How can local SEO be improved? What is the importance of website optimization? The importance of this is because most people use search engines to find the service or product they want. In fact, on Google and Yahoo, most people only pay attention to the first page of search results. As a result, it is necessary and necessary for your website to be on the first page of search results in order to have high traffic and proper ranking.

What is the importance of SEO?

Every day, the number of users who search for their needs through websites like Google and Yahoo is increasing. Today, buyers look for their desired product on the Internet before buying it and buy it after checking the product specifications. So, if your website is SEO optimized, this user traffic will be directed to your website and will lead to an increase in website sales. In fact, SEO is the best and most ideal way for your activities, services and products to be seen on the Internet, which will increase targeted site traffic and increase sales, resulting in revenue generation.

What is meant by local SEO or local SEO?

Google shows its results by considering people’s geographic location and their search history, but how? In fact, the geographic location of users can be easily recognized only through IP; While the geographical location of your business or website is determined only by following simple principles. Local SEO refers to the set of activities that you do to determine your geographic location and make it known to Google robots.

A simple example of local SEO for a website design company abroad is to gain a position in keywords such as (site design outside Iran) or (the best website design company abroad). In this way, all the people who are looking for a website design company outside of Iran on the Internet will get to know you.

Why do we need local SEO?

Local SEO is very important in business, especially for people who provide services. About 95% of smartphone users do local search and 60% of them call and refer to providers in this way. This statistic shows that you should pay attention and in this way dedicate a suitable platform to introduce your business. Most developing businesses try to increase their SEO ranking by targeting the entire country as a target market. But internet marketing experts believe that it is better for companies and businesses to focus on local SEO so that they can gain a good reputation only in the same area and be known in this way. To put it simply, it is better to focus on the local audience before focusing on the global market and your audience. Because local search helps you to be well seen in the specific area and users will refer to you in this way.

Factors affecting local search (local SEO)

Below are some influential factors in local search that you must pay attention to. Sufficient attention to the mentioned items will lead to the success of your loved ones in improving your business. Factors affecting local search briefly include the following:

  • Register in Google Business and register in the map with appropriate categories
  • Introduction of business on reputable sites
  • Full registration of the address with mention of the city
  • Registration of contact information such as address, phone and brand
  • Choose a domain name with a region extension or prefix
  • Using business directories and the NAP algorithm
  • Importance to domain authority
  • Importance to local directories
  • The proximity of the location to the searching user
  • Putting the name of the city or province in the title of the page
  • The quality of incoming links to the second site
  • The number of comments on the Google map and people’s points to it
  • Using the name of the city or province in the titles of the website

final word

In this article, we first mentioned the concept of local SEO, the importance of SEO and important points and principles related to it. However, there are other methods and tips to help improve local SEO. Of these, we can refer to the use of free social media tools (social networks), the use of schema functionality on the website, the sharing of the website address in local directories, and other similar cases. Agha’s web team with years of experience and expert technical staff can help you achieve your goals in the right place in Google results. Contact our colleagues for more information about SEO services.