Why should we choose Web Agha for website design?

چرا باید وب آقا را برای طراحی سایت انتخاب کنیم؟

Website design is important and necessary for any business; But before starting designing a website, you should be familiar with the principles and techniques related to search engines so that your website can get a good rank in search engines.

Agha web site design company and digital marketing agency will help you to get high traffic to your website. This is done by identifying the behavior of your competitors in the form of keyword analysis related to your activity. Basically, keyword analysis helps to increase your website traffic. This is done by increasing user visits to your website.

Why website design?

In fact, the website is your biggest branch in the absence of you and your employees. So its appearance and design are very important. In principle, all users who enter your website are guests of your company, so you must be a good host for your customers and users so that they have maximum satisfaction from using your services.

Web Agha is one of the companies active in the field of website design for Iranians abroad, which can be the best choice for you in order to design and launch your website.

In order to achieve this important goal, Agha web site design company and digital marketing agency uses the latest methods and techniques in the world and consults with its customers when providing initial consultations in this regard. Keep in mind that website design services should be done professionally from the very beginning so that after the website design project is completed and launched, it can get a good rank in search engines.

Features of websites designed by Web Agha

Responsive website design
Responsive website design, which is also known as Responsive, is one of the main features of Agha Web Team projects.
In recent years, responsive websites have become very important from the point of view of Google and users, and if a website is not responsive, it will definitely not have a chance to succeed. So you should make this a priority.
Site management panel and dashboard
Site management panel training in order to add and delete the contents of the site pages
Training and support
Agha web site design team will provide you with a complete training on how to work with the website panel after the website is finished and ready.
SEO and website optimization
Technical SEO principles are observed in all stages of site design and you can get high results on the Google search page after uploading unique content.
High speed website
Compliance with standard programming principles to increase website speed
high security
Compliance with security principles for your website
The possibility of upgrading the website
It is possible to upgrade the website after designing the website.

Distinguishing features of Agha web site design from other companies

The distinguishing features of Agha web site design from other companies are as follows:

Website design based on the latest and most up-to-date web design technologies
Complying with current standards in designing the Ui and Ux of the site
Availability of the possibility of implementing your plan and idea
Adherence to the principles of SEO and site optimization in website design
Responsive website design
Mobile friendly website design
Full features of the management panel and the possibility of adding other features
High site loading speed
Very high security to prevent possible abuses
Simple and professional panel
Full training of the management panel to manage the site

Why should we choose Web Agha for website design?

Website design is done in different ways, we at Web Agha design the website according to your wishes and needs. This means that all items are designed and implemented specifically for your website. In fact, you can describe your design and idea to us and we will implement it according to web design standards. Meetings will be held regarding your ideas, and we can fully review the issues and implement them while consulting.

Keep in mind that the final cost of website design depends on many factors and this cost announcement is different according to the type of website you want to launch. It is also necessary to share all your wishes and needs with us for accurate notification. For example, the cost of designing a store website is completely different from the cost of designing a corporate website or a service website; Because the features of a corporate website are different from the design of a store website, and the duration of their design and launch is also different from each other.

As a result, the cost of designing your website depends on your facilities and needs. Before taking any action, it is better to contact our experts in Agha Web Team and get the necessary guidance from them. Also, in order to know and inquire about the website design price, contact our experts at +49(0)1724631392 and +4740958291.