Know the types of website design!

Types of website design

Surely you have heard the word site design or website design many times or seen its different types. The site is actually a page on the internet that contains content such as images, videos, texts and other content. Each page has a unique address, which we know as URL. To design different types of websites, you should pay attention to the existing and practical content they have.

If you want to have complete information about the types of sites, follow us until the end of this article.

What are the types of website design?

In the rest of this article, we are going to introduce the types of website design along with the details of each one.

1- Store website design

Today, store sites have been able to largely replace face-to-face markets and direct purchases. Internet stores are actually the same sites that introduce and describe the details of goods and services, and sell them virtually. According to his needs, a customer enters these types of reliable sites and searches for the desired product. By viewing the product, reading the details and finally choosing, he adds it to the shopping cart. By entering the necessary personal information and choosing the shipping method, finally, he determines the payment method and receives the goods after the required time.

Many sites use an online support system to make shopping easier for customers. With the help of this system, it is possible to answer the customer’s possible questions and provide them with the necessary guidance.

2- Designing sample websites

Portfolio website refers to a site that contains professional content about a person or group, along with a portfolio and other information about it. In fact, such sites are similar to a spectacular resume that professionally displays talents, abilities, and specific activities. The owners of this type of site include graphic designers, architects, artists and many others. Freelancers make the best use of these sample sites to present their resumes to employers.

3- Designing educational websites

In the introduction of the types of sites, we can mention educational websites, which are widely used today. These types of sites are the best option when we want to get educational information easily and without the need for a person to be present regardless of location and time. Currently, virtual educational sites have become a main program among students.

This site model can be seen in various cooking, sports, music, artistic, scientific, etc. sites. The owner of the site can provide general or specialized information to the audience for free or for a fee. One of the most important advantages of designing an educational website is increasing the learning efficiency of the audience, in situations where face-to-face visits are not possible for any reason.

4- News site design

Unlike in the past, when it was possible to receive news information only through media such as television, radio and newspapers, today, with the increase of Internet users, news is published virtually. Due to the large number of websites, news can be published easily on the web.

News websites are very popular among audiences of different age groups. As it is clear from the name of these sites, their content consists of various news related to economy, politics, events, social, etc.

5- Designing the website of the association

After introducing the types of news, educational, store and portfolio design, it’s time to describe the community website. These types of websites are created to conduct online conversation. In fact, people can type the conversations they have with each other in text format. Community websites are designed in different ways.

The way these sites work is that they share a topic such as images, videos, comment links, questions, text, etc. Other users, by viewing these items, can discuss in its field and somehow send their answers to the first post. Using the forum site can be public or private. It means that a person can register his identity or comment on the website as an anonymous person.

6- Social network site design

Social networks have been able to respond to the social needs of people in cyberspace. Through these networks, users can share their interests and activities with their friends and acquaintances in virtual space by creating a personal page for themselves.

Activities such as posting, sharing images and music, following other people’s pages, chatting with others, finding virtual friends, commenting under other people’s posts, etc., can be done in the social network.

7- Corporate website design

A corporate website is a website through which companies can introduce their products and services. In these websites, information such as resume, activities, portfolio, contact information, etc. are placed for users to view. In this way, business owners can have a direct relationship with their customers.

last word

Today, having a website has become a necessity, regardless of its advantages and benefits, and even in cases where it is not necessary, its emptiness is felt. If you are looking to create a website for yourself, knowing the types of websites will help you a lot. By knowing the types of website design, you can easily find the type of website that suits your activity and achieve important improvements with its help.