Multilingual website design

Multilingual website design

In this article, we would like to discuss the importance of multilingual website design. As you know, the web world is very wide and the more people we can attract to our site, the more target audience we will find. People in the world live with different languages ​​and common needs. If we have a monolingual website, a limited audience can use our products and services.

For example, let’s say you have a corporate website in Farsi. As a result, your target audience can only be people who are fluent in Persian. But if you have a multilingual website, many visitors can visit your website and benefit from your services, products and activities. To put it simply, if we have a multilingual site, we have made the target audience more viewers of our content. This is only part of the benefits of a bilingual site. So stay with us to learn more about the importance of multilingual website design.

What is the importance of multilingual website design for businesses?

Due to the expansion of business relations with other countries of the world and establishing better communication with non-Persian speaking contacts, many businesses have started designing multilingual websites. It is necessary for commercial companies to have a multilingual site in order to better introduce their products and services, as well as to communicate with international brands. Because only in this way they can communicate with their customers in all parts of the world and even order through the site. But monolingual websites have a limited audience and cannot be used for business relationships.

In designing a multilingual website, it is necessary to pay enough attention to simple management, useful and appropriate content for each language. So that your multilingual website is useful and effective for users.

How is communication established between different languages ​​of the site?

If the content in one language of the website is translated into other languages, you must communicate between them so that users can see the translation of your content in another language.

How is the use of Sub Domain in multilingual website design?

It is usually better to use a subdomain in the design of a multilingual website. This method is one of the most common and best design methods. In fact, using this method, a separate website with a separate sub domain and a different language is assigned to the number of different languages ​​that must be loaded on the site. In this way, you can use a separate format, structure and combination for each language and use the same format and form for all languages. Note that the selected format in the second case must be multilingual.

Use meta tags for different languages.

In this way, show the pages designed in different languages ​​to the search engines and announce which languages ​​are used. Compliance with the use of meta tags is effective in the ranking of the site in search engines, and compliance with it helps SEO and optimization of your site.

Link different languages ​​in multilingual website design

For the convenience of site users, it is better to link different languages ​​to the respective pages and provide quick access between other languages ​​with this method.

In addition to providing quick access to the user, the linking of different languages ​​of the site improves SEO and increases the ranking in search engines. But be careful that the translations are done correctly; The translator must translate the equivalent term in other languages ​​so as not to lose its original text, meaning and meaning.

Avoid combining different languages ​​on the same page

In addition to the problems it creates for search engines in identifying pages, this causes confusion for users. Therefore, it is better to place the language selection menu separately in a certain part at the top of the site so that visitors can choose the desired language according to their needs.

Advantages of multilingual website design

If you are the owner of a store or service website and you are able to provide products and services at the global level to other countries, be sure to use a multilingual site. This will help you sell your products and services better. In addition, with the increase in the number of visits, the SEO of your site will also improve. In fact, with the help of artificial intelligence, Google bots realize that your website is translated into several languages, so you get a higher score. Note that never use Google Translate to translate multilingual site content. The content should be simple, fluent and meaningful.


If your business is in the field of selling products or providing services, be sure to use different languages ​​for your site to have more audiences and customers. Because then you don’t limit your website to a specific location and you can have international customers. Of course, regarding store websites, you must be able to send goods to other countries, so consider all aspects of the work before designing.

Agha’s web team has enough experience and knowledge in the field of multilingual website design, so you can safely entrust us with the implementation and design of your website. You can send us a list of your site’s needs so that our experts can guide you.