What is single page website design?

Single page website

What is single page website design? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these sites? Which one is suitable for business? Most people who want to have a website for their business want to know everything about different types of websites. Stay with us to answer all your questions.

Single-page website design has more fans because it is simpler and faster than multi-page website design.

If we decide to explain the design process of a single page website in one sentence, we will say it like this: a website where all its contents and elements are shown on one page. The goal of single page website design is to create a useful page like desktop software where all icons and elements are accessible. Nowadays, most of the web design professionals are looking for a way to improve the user experience of the site and hence single page websites are very popular with them.

Single page website design

As you know, websites today are made as a single page or multiple pages. How to make it depends on the type of user. Of course, in Iran, most of the websites exist in the form of multiple pages, and those that have one page are mostly made in a personal mode and only with the theme of self-introduction.

One of the benefits of designing a single-page website is that the user is able to handle requests from the server side to the client side, and also requires less writing of JavaScript codes and programming to make it dynamic, which is why the upload speed is higher. And making it is faster than multi-page.

What is the difference between single-page and multi-page website design?

Single page sites are designed to draw the user’s attention to a specific web page. If you are able to put all the content you need on one web page, you don’t need to create additional pages. The production of separate pages, each one requires a special method and technique for design, and in addition, it can affect the upload speed of the site, that is why most of those who do not have much content available and just want to introduce themselves, are of this type. They use the website.

If you want to sell your product or introduce your services, designing multi-page websites can be useful for you, in fact, it is necessary to design a complete website to cover all your activities. For example, in store websites, this type of website cannot be designed as single page sites, because the need of a store site is more than one page. In a store website, due to the variety of products, you should have many pages and assign a separate page to each product to insert images, descriptions and features.

Comparison of single-page and multi-page websites:

The content of multi-page websites is much more than that of a single page.

They also have different levels in terms of UI. Multi-page websites have more sections than single-page websites. Each page has separate sections and information depending on its topic.

In terms of SEO, multi-page websites are more important than single-page websites.

So that the SEO of a multi-page site is easier because you can use the subject of internal SEO linking. The most important and main advantage of single-page website design is its simple UI design. In this site, the user does not need to do any navigation and whatever he wants is available to him.

Single page websites display well on mobile pages.

Since single-page websites are designed in a responsive manner, they show themselves well on mobile pages, which can bring them significant points from the point of view of SEO. This is a plus point for these types of sites.

Single page websites have better conversion rates.

These types of websites have a higher conversion rate than the multi-page type. In single-page mode, using CTA buttons is much easier and more common than multi-page type. Although clicking on each button only scrolls the page up and down.

It is easier to update a single page website.

Compared to multi-page websites, the rate of change is simpler and faster in single-page websites. Because this type of website only has one page. Basically, the rate of changes of these types of sites is less than others, unless you want to update something.

When should we design a single page website?

The design of single-page websites is done when we do not need to load a lot of information inside the site. For example, personal websites or websites that only need to introduce the services of a store or organization. These websites are only for the purpose of introducing the company or introducing a person. You can contact Agha’s web team for advice and guidance in this regard.


Single page sites are mostly used for those who do not have much content to publish and only want to introduce themselves or their brand. Usually, the speed of single-page sites is high due to the lack of content, and this is a positive point for such sites. But a store or a news site can never be built with a one-page site, because the contents are extensive and multiple pages must be used to load them.

But always keep in mind that both types of sites always need updates and there is no difference between them. In this article