News site design

News site design

By designing a news site, it is possible to provide a lot of information, including news, texts, important images, etc., to the visitors. For this purpose, it is necessary to specify the purpose of the news site, because the audience should be told what kind of news they will see on this site. The second thing you need to observe is that the information is up-to-date and online. Remember that your presence will depend on your active presence on the Internet.

In the following article, we will introduce you to the goals and other information of news site design on Agha’s website.

The purpose of designing a news site

Perhaps the word “regret” should be used in this sentence, but the reality is that the newspaper is no longer as popular as it used to be, and today, many people follow the news through the Internet and cyberspace.

In fact, today, the design of a news site gives prosperity and credibility to a media. This is the most important necessity of having a news site.

Maybe you have a question that only the media can have a news site? In response, it can be said that today many organizations and even businesses have news sites.

In principle, the existence of such a site is mandatory for many non-media cases, while the rest can have the right to choose.

Another goal of designing a news website is to generate income for its creator. By taking the necessary measures and producing up-to-date content, the number of visitors will definitely increase and the result will be an increase in income.

Content in news site design

Some news sites have been able to be among the best in this field by publishing and producing quality news content, such as Isna, Tabnak and Jam News. But unlike these cases, we see sites that do not have any quality. So before forming such sites, it is better to have motivation and purpose about it.

What attracts a user to a site is its content. If the content of the news site is attractive and appropriate, thousands of visitors will definitely visit it daily, and this will earn money for the site owners.

News website design features

When you design a news site, you should consider the special features, some of which we will describe below:

1- You should design the site environment in such a way that the audience feels satisfied after entering it.

2- Placing a section under the title of news archive

3- Creating a feature that allows users to easily receive the news they want.

4- Possibility of displaying news based on time period

5- Making it possible to view the most visited news

6- The possibility of sending news by users (in other words, create a journalist audience)

7- The possibility of sharing news content on social platforms

8- Creating the newsletter section

9- Having a news circulation system to check the site manager

10- Categorizing news that have related topics

11- Placing the printing part of the textual and image content

12- Having a content management system

13- and so on

News site design features

In order to achieve success, the news site must have special features, which we will explain each of them in more detail below:


Responsiveness means that the user can visit the site with any smart communication device. A site that does not have this feature will definitely be out of date soon.

Easy search

The news site should provide simple and advanced search for users so that any taste can easily navigate.

High speed

High page loading speed is the most important feature of any site, including news, because today’s users are not willing to waste their time due to their busy schedule.

SEO news site

In order for your news site to be in the top search results of users in Google, the design of the news site must be fully compatible with SEO principles.

Security in news site design

The news site must follow safe principles, which are considered one of its important features from the time of preparation to the existence of the site.

Appearance of the site

The appearance of a news site can include format, font, color, etc., which, in addition to showing the quality of the site, will attract the audience’s visual attention.

Ways to build a news site

In the following, we will explain to you some ways to build a news site:

Building a news site with programming

In the field of computer activities, there is a specialized knowledge called programming, which is widely used in creating websites. Of course, learning programming knowledge is difficult for many people, and for this reason, today, other methods are used to design news sites.

Designing a news site with WordPress

WordPress is a strong and powerful content management system, to use it, you need help from a WordPress site design expert. This powerful system is able to turn an empty site into an active and successful news site. Of course, learning to work with this method requires a lot of training

Designing a news site with C5

C5 is a convenient service designed on the basis of WordPress and can help you design a news site in the shortest possible time. For this purpose, it is necessary to first choose the format and domain you want and create the site. In addition to spending less money, this method requires less time.

News site design price

Each news site is priced based on different parameters. Among these parameters, we can mention loading speed, simplicity but at the same time intelligence, construction time and many other things.

A site that has all these parameters will definitely have more value. If you want your news site to be designed by a group of experts, you can entrust this work to our experts and enjoy the results.


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